The Vision



We are currently participating in and witnessing a critical phase in global ecological history.

THE RAINBOW’S CHILD – Creator’s eco-fantasy philosophy

The children of today and tomorrow will be the guardians of planet Earth and ethical guardians of the human race during this century and the next. Peaceful and constructive co-existence on planet Earth will demand discipline, self-sacrifice and people skills. Environmental mismanagement has caused dangerous levels of pollution and ozone depletion, amongst other hazards which threaten our lives.

Man has become the endangered species, and will face extinction unless appropriate routes are found with which to address the problems facing us.

Designs & Artwork


The Rainbow’s Child is the story of how the earth and life was destroyed by greed and human/natural disasters, humans left earth to live in space, a wish fell to earth one day in the future, and found that the earth had begun to re-generate, how the Greedy villains were conquered, a seed of hope was found in the wishpot at the end of the rainbow, and children returned to earth to take care of the planet. 


The storyline of THE RAINBOW’S CHILD is a fantasy with strong ecological content.  It has a “journey of the hero theme”.

Writer Zakes Mda, of the Market has said: “this is a musical about what happens after we kill the Earth”.


THE RAINBOW’S CHILD provides an ideal vehicle for conveying crucial environmental information and sound principles of planet management, within the familiar framework of a hero’s journey to save the earth and life as we know it, from disaster. It includes a focus on life skills, communication, creativity and a search for meaning in human existence.

Entertainment provides the key to teaching young people effectively. Human children of all ages like to play, experiment imitate others, laugh at their foibles, sing songs and rhyme rhymes.

More readily than information, dates and diagrams, we value our human experiences and the people who really “fed” our imaginations, our hopes and dreams, and what touches us deeply.

Songs and music introduce and endorse the characters and their journeys, struggles, relationships and triumphs. Fantasy animal characters, a wish, and several human characters including villains carry the storyline.

Script, musical score and sound effects include a combination of live instrumentation and electronic media.


Music and ecology (in the broadest sense of the word) are two of my life passions, as are art and language. I have also been involved in education for 35 years, from pre-schoolers to tertiary graduates.