What they say about her work:

‘Having had the privilege and pleasure of working with Rexleigh Bunyard, I can vouch for her great skills as a keyboard player, musical director and arranger. She is also a composer of merit and I am certain any work she introduces to you would be well worth serious consideration.” SIR TIM RICE

“It gives me great pleasure to offer my support to this organization (Requiem for the Living NPO) and to the production, THE RAINBOW’S CHILD by Rexleigh Bunyard, which I believe is a very timely arts intervention with the capacity to impact children and young people on multiple levels. This ecological fantasy adventure is immensely appealing to its target audience, and will deliver a powerful message through an entertaining and accessible medium.” YVETTE HARDIE, President and Director of Assitej   (International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People)

“From a wide and varied selection of composers who tendered…Ms Bunyard was selected for the originality and delight of her music. ….the series has been a phenomenal success – Ms Bunyard’s music has been a strong contributing factor”. CAMERON HOGG, CHIP PRODUCTIONS (“Teater Teater”- SATV)

“…..and the music for her Children’s musical RAINBOW MAN, mounted at PACT’S 1990 DALRO Pot-Pourri  FESTIVAL IN 1990) sounds great. The tunes are catchy and appealing, the words are fun, yet the message comes across.” JANINE WALKER, THE STAR

“She worked with me in every field of the music industry (including pianist and music producer for THE FOURTH REICH, an nternational feature, and ARENDE, a local award-winning TV drama), and I would not hesitate to recommend her for any musical task for which she deems herself qualified”. LOUIS VAN RENSBURG – Singer, lyricist , composer.

“Rexleigh’s area of expertise lies in both the composition field as well as in her written research and she enjoys creating her own libretti in an interdisciplinary manner; her imagination extends into the staging, décor and theatrical realms of theatrical production.  In her original work one finds a broad range of aesthetics and musical styles, which reflect her penchant for eclectic and intercultural modalities within the South African environment. She is equally at home in the Western art music realm as she is with light music and more popular songs. She welcomes diverse elements and influences in her work.” PROFESSOR EMERITUS Jeanne Zaidel-Rudolph, WITS.

THE RAINBOW’S CHILD raises the question ” what happens after we kill the Earth ?”. ZAKES MDA, literary advisor to the Market Theatre, Johannesburg.

“….your RAINBOW’S CHILD project sounds fascinating …and I wish you every success…”     SIR DAVID ATTENBOROUGH, famous British naturalist and film maker