Terms & Conditions

A project derived from the eco-fantasy stage musical adventure called


(to include Copyright, Exposure and Sale of Artworks and Risk)

By entering the competition, the artist/s is accepting the following terms and conditions: non-compliance (artists not abiding by the Terms and Conditions of this competition) will result in disqualification of the entry/ entries submitted by this artist.
ALL Entries must be submitted digitally in hi-res images of 300dpi, on the www.therainbowschild website only, for the first round of selection. Files larger than MB will be re-sized by the website. No hard copy entries will be accepted.
3.The deadline for Register&Enter is 15 June 2022, by which date all entry payments must be paid.

and submission of ALL uploaded entries (mask photos and rationales) is 4 pm on 31 July 2022.

After registration of the Facilitator for the artists who will be entered from a specified institution, the Facilitator will receive a digital copy of THE RAINBOW’S CHILD DesignArt Olympics Brief, Rules, Conditions of Participation and Consent Form.
All entries submitted by entrants are included in a once-off registration fee of R20 per entrant. The entry fee amount will be calculated @R20 per artist, by the website. Payments may be made directly via Payfast or an invoice will be generated and sent to the facilitator for payment. The registration fee for all the artists to be entered must then be paid as per this invoice, via EFT.
Details of the artists can then be entered and photographs of their works and the rationales can be uploaded. Masks and rationale(s) of the character number(s) 1-5 should be selected to correspond with character number(s) 1-5, as indicated on the website.
Artworks will only be entered into the DesignArt Olympics and visible on the website, once payment has been made and POP has been received by management.
ANY visual or conceptual plagiarism detected will disqualify the entrant(s) and their submission(s).
A minimum of 80% of the materials used to create the mask(s) must consist of recycled materials. The works need to be exhibition-ready for hanging and/or display. It is the artist’s responsibility to ensure that each mask has the necessary hooks, gut or fastening mechanism to be able to display it properly. The organisers will not provide these. Any mask that cannot be hung or properly displayed will be disqualified. It is the artist’s responsibility to provide the organisers with printed, clearly worded display instructions (should this be necessary).
For all entries submitted by artists under the age of 18 : the adult facilitator/educator/supervisor must obtain the signed consent of that person’s parent or guardian at the date of entry, on the consent form available on the www.therainbowschild.com website. It is the responsibility of this adult to ensure that the necessary consent has been obtained.
A copy of a birth certificate or an Identity Document number must be submitted with the entry form (and consent form if applicable).
No entries will be accepted without an entry number.
No names are to be written or pasted onto the masks. Those with names will not be accepted.
In accordance with international regulations, works may not be dangerous or potentially dangerous, nor shall they be of a nature that may cause injury or damage to persons or property.

All intellectual property in all works submitted in THE RAINBOW’S CHILD DesignArt Olympics will, via the competition entry and usage of The Rainbow’s Child material in the creation of masks, be subject to the protection afforded to THE RAINBOW’S CHILD, a work in grand rights, by DALRO (Dramatic and Literary Rights Organisation of South Africa).
KINDLY NOTE as per advice received from DALRO:

ALL learning material and resources related to THE RAINBOW’S CHILD are provided solely as part of this educational programme. These materials and resources are the Intellectual Property of Rexleigh Bunyard and may not be used for any purposes other than this prescribed educational programme. This agreement will remain in force for the lifetime of all intellectual property rights in the work, and it shall survive all other assignments or delegation of such rights.

Exposure and sale of artworks

By submitting their artwork(s) online in The Rainbow’s Child DesignArt Olympics, the Artist gives his/her permission to RFTL NPO, on behalf of the IP holder of The Rainbow’s Child, to:
reproduce the submitted artwork(s) in any medium, resolution, size or format and to make such reproductions available to the public through any means, including digital technologies;
b: transmit, broadcast or otherwise make available (in any size or resolution or format) a display of the work to the public by means of any known (or hereafter known) device or process, including film, television and via the internet ;

make digitised reproductions of the work available to the public on its internet website for display and viewing, NOT FOR SALE. (in any size or resolution or format).
authorise designated 3rd parties to carry out any of the foregoing activities, in support of the cultural, educational, promotional, fundraising, and all other RFTL NPO arts-in-service-of-community programs.
All DesignArt Olympics entrants automatically become honorary Rainbow Warriors. Thereby, RFTL NPO may with their permission submit videos of the artists creating their masks for showcasing on The Rainbow’s Child YouTube channel to further promote ecological awareness and education.
The artworks in the 2nd round final adjudication and exhibition phase must be collected by 12h00 exactly a week (7 days) after the date of the final exhibition. Any artworks not collected by this date and time will be sold in aid of the SPCA.

Entries not meeting the criteria or standard: the organisers reserve the right not to award a prize in any one of the 5 categories should there not be an entry of the required standard in that category.

The organisers undertake to not deliberately destroy, alter, modify, mutilate or change the artworks (the masks) and to take all reasonable care of the mask, and to avoid any deliberate damage occurring during the exhibition and adjudication phase of the DesignArt Olympics. However, although works will receive professional care with the organisers taking all reasonable safety precautions, the organisers take no responsibility for damage or loss of works. The responsibility of insuring works rests with the artists.